Be Bold and Free with a String Bikini

Sometimes a lady likes to be daring and bold and free to be herself. A string bikini is a choice for women in this mood if they are heading away from worries to a day at the beach. They can shed down to the bare minimum in a string bikini and forget they even have a job or responsibilities at all. They can hop into to their sheer micro string bikini fun wear and sun wear and then let their wild side run free. There really is no way to be discrete in this style of string bikini swimsuit and you will need to be in a very confidant mood to wear one well. If you are modest you may want to look for a different design.

The name string bikini does a good job of describing what these swimsuits look like. They are small pieces of cloth held together with strings that are tied to keep the garment on. The string is the main stay of the bathing suit. The bottoms do not have any other material on the sides and tops do not have straps, only strings. The tiny bits of material and strings make up the entire bathing suit offering very little coverage to the lady wearing it.

Many different designers offer sheer micro string bikini designs as part of their swimwear collection. The on-line store links on this site will direct you to many on-line catalogs that will offer these as well as many other different styles. You will be able to browse them all and then order the ones you think will suit you best. The on-line store will arrange delivery to your home and shopping for your new beach wear will have been an easy effort.