Think the Perfect Swimsuit Doesn’t Exist? Think Again With These Swimwear Tips

Bathing Suit Basics
It’s bathing suit season again and while the thought may send some women screaming and running for the hills there is hope in finding the perfect swimsuit to show off your assets.

While the right swimsuit is a vital staple in your wardrobe, it is important to remember that swimsuits are not sized like most clothing. In fact, you should try one to two sizes larger than your normal clothing size.

Even if you are hesitant to go up a size, don’t get caught up in the number. The right fit is what counts. When you find a suit that you like, lift your arms, bend over, sit down, and walk around to make sure it is not going to gather or ride up.

With so many styles of swimsuits on the market, it is important to take note of what works for your body and what does not. For example, when shopping for a tankini, make sure the stomach portion of the suit lies flat against your stomach but is not too tight. If it is too tight, your stomach will bulge causing more harm than good.

And when choosing patterns, remember that vertical stripes are more flattering than horizontal stripes. In fact, striped patterns with different sized lines look the best.

Bottoms Up
When trying on a swimsuit bottom, make sure your skin is not bulging from the waist or leg area. If it does, again, try going up a size. If the problem is still there, consider a different style bottom. In general, a bottom with a leg opening an inch below the hip bone is the most flattering.

Remember, bottoms stretch when they get wet. Make sure the bottom fits snug enough where it won’t look droopy when it’s wet. Boy shorts do not disguise hips, large bums, or large thighs – in reality they only accentuate your problem areas.

Get a Supportive and Stylish Lift
If you are looking for a top with an underwire, it should fit like your best fitting bra. The underwire should lie flat against your skin without any breast sneaking out of the bottom.

For most ladies, side cleavage is an issue. Starting at your underarm, ¾ of the breast should be covered. And for large busts, a halter top or an underwire top provides the best support and coverage. Halter tops with a wider band provide the most support.

When it comes to swimsuits, cleavage isn’t everything. Most women like to emphasize their bust, but over-padding is not the answer. Steer clear of large, push-up pads. The foam holds water like a sponge and tends to pull the top down resulting in a saggy look that is not attractive.

If you want to add a little extra padding to your top, choose a thin pad that looks natural. Most pads can be cut to fit any style top. To prevent the pad from slipping, insert the pads into the lining of the top or sew the pads into the top.

Finding a style for your shape
All of this swimsuit advice can be mind boggling when you are on the hunt for a swimsuit but just keep the following style tips in mind when shopping and trying on swimwear:

•Vertical stripes or prints will make your body look longer.
•Long Torsos:High leglines and low necklines shorten body length. Stay away from vertical stripes.
•Styles that focus the eye in other places are best. Try a printed top with a solid pant. Also, try a one piece that is slimming in the torso or that will move the eyes toward the bust line. Tankinis also work great at hiding your tummy.
•Boy-Shaped Body:Look for styles that create a waist. Avoid plain suits.
•Small Chest:Bold prints and bold colors always flatter. Bandeau tops only put emphasis on small chests.
•Large Chest:Support should be your number one concern. Underwire tops will provide the best support. Halter tops, especially ones with a wide band, also provide good support. Stay away from patterns that emphasize the bust. Try a solid top with a printed bottom.
•Large Hips or Saddle Bags:Draw attention to your top half. Choose styles with vertical stripes, dark slimming colors, or with bust details. Try a solid pant with a printed top.

Swimwear Care Tips
Once you find the right swimsuit, you want to take extra special care of it. Follow these tips to keep your swimsuit ready all year long:

•Always rinse your swimsuit with regular tap water after swimming. You should hand wash your suit with a mild liquid detergent. Some “hand washing” detergents can cause colors to bleed. Mild soaps, such as Ivory®, work best. Avoid all chlorine-based bleach products, spot removers, and dry cleaning. Never use bleach and never put your swimsuit in the washing machine!
•The best way to dry your suit is to lay it flat in natural air. Never put a swimsuit in the dryer or wring it out!!! Avoid putting your swimsuit away until it is completely dry. If it is stored while still wet, it could become discolored. For the same reason, avoid leaving your wet swimsuit in a bag or wrapped in a damp towel.
•When applying oil based sun tan lotions, minimize direct contact with your swimsuit. The oils naturally cause the swimsuit elastics to breakdown.
•Hot tubs and highly chlorinated water can cause your swimsuit to fade. Also, these water conditions can cause embellishments to fade or fall off of the suit. Limit your swimsuit’s exposure to hot or highly chlorinated water or wear an older suit in these conditions.

Buying a Swimsuit: A Guide for Women of all Shapes and Sizes

It is the time of the year that every woman dreads – Swimsuit season! No matter what size a woman is, she probably panics over picking out a swimsuit and worries that it fits her figure well. Of course, every woman wants to accent her best features while minimizing her weak spots in any clothing, but this is especially true in swimsuits.

Swimsuits are so revealing, there is very little margin for error when trying to choose the right one. All women want a swimsuit that looks good on them, but if they are going to be spending a lot of time in the water over the summer, then comfort is also important. Here are a few tips and hints you can follow that will make your swimsuit shopping much less stressful.

Large Busts

Woman with large busts should find a swimsuit that fully supports them. The best swimsuits for that are ones with halter-tops or molded underwire cups to keep everything in place. A swimsuit with the additional strap across the back, along the bust line, also provides additional support. Women with an inverted shape (their top is wider than their hips), should choose a two-piece with a skort or shorts. This will help balance their top and bottom, making them look more proportional.

Large Hips and Thighs

A woman with a large rear end should look for swimsuits with boy cut bottoms. This helps hide your rear but also looks cute and is comfortable. The skirted bikini bottoms are also cute – giving a hint of your legs but still hiding your rear end. Avoid the skimpy bikini briefs at all costs! For the top, you can also choose something that is catchy and brightly colored. This will draw attention upwards away from your rear end. Again, avoid horizontal stripes, as they will make your rear look even larger than it actually is, although diagonal stripes might create a more flattering illusion.

Curvy women should consider tankini. The tankini is a two-piece swimsuit with a top that resembles a tank top. With it, you can pair the hipster’s bottoms. These cool looking bottoms provide far more support for your curves than the traditional bikini bottoms. You may also want to try on one of the one piece swimsuits with cutouts on the sides. This can have a slimming effect while still showing off your curves.

Larger Belly

If you have a large stomach, you should stick to a one-piece suit. However, if you really want a two-piece, look for one of the halter-tops that fall over the waist of your bikini bottoms. This not only hides your stomach but also helps elongate your body, making you appear taller and thus slimmer. You may also want to check to see if the store has a swimsuit that offers tummy control. A printed suit will also take the focus away from your stomach and make you look slimmer.

Plus Size Swimsuits

Large women probably have the hardest time picking out a swimsuit. If you are overweight, you are probably self-conscious enough when choosing regular clothes, but do not let this discourage you from enjoying some fun in the sun. Stick to dark colors like navy blue and black to help make you look slimmer. Avoid a swimsuit with horizontal stripes, as that gives the optical illusion that you are wider than you actually are. Spandex is a good choice for swimsuit cloth because it stretches, but it is very important that you get the right size swimsuit. Do not try to squeeze into a swimsuit that is two sizes too small for vanity reasons. Picking the appropriate size will always look better on you. Many stores let you mix and match tops and bottoms, so if you are top heavy or bottom heavy, you can make sure you get the correct size for each section. Remember that swimsuits usually run smaller than regular clothes, so you may have to set a size or two larger than you normally wear.

The most important thing for you to know when purchasing a new swimsuit is to know what works best for your features. And, don’t purchase the first suit you try on unless you just really love it. Take several in the dressing room with you and see which one looks best. It may even help to take along a friend to give you an honest opinion of how it looks.

Bikini Swimsuits

The bikini was invented by Louis Reard and Jacques Heim, in Paris in 1946. However, due to its skimpiness, hardly anyone had the courage to wear a bikini until the late 1950s, when actress Brigitte Bardot created a splash by wearing a bikini in the film, ‘And God Created Woman.’ The bikini revolution subsequently became a rage, and even got its own song: ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.’

Coming back to the present, bikinis have become modest in character. Bikini bottoms are offering more coverage than in the past without giving up on their sex appeal. Last season witnessed straight, top-line bikini bottoms. Surprisingly, there were hardly any deep-V bikini bottoms, thongs or G-strings in sight. With more coverage in style, fashion houses are predicting that the ‘skirtini’ is going to be the next big thing in the swimsuit industry.

Bikinis come in a variety of styles, the most popular being ‘Tankini’ (a longer top that leaves only a small portion of the stomach exposed), ‘Bandini’ (a bikini with a bandeau top), ‘Camikini’ (similar to the tankini except the top looks like a camisole), and ‘Boy Legs’ (the bottom is longer and resembles short shorts). The classic halter-top, however, is still in vogue although the ‘Bandini’ was the hippest bikini style last season, with almost every swimwear label producing its own take on it. For the ties that bind, sashes, rather than spaghetti strings, were in demand.

For those on the heavier side, sarongs continue to be a flattering way to cover up the extra pounds, although board shorts are a sporty alternative.